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Without You… My Support Team from an Entrepreneur’s Heart

They say it’s networking, rightfully so With cellphone, texting, LinkedIn, Zoom in tow Paying-It-Forward has been the motto of most Weighing in my favor, not to boast.   I do give back, don’t get me wrong But your words of encouragement are a melodic song. Bouncing ideas off you gave me thought As to where

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Curious Minds

Great article that Kent Johnson, CEO at Highlights for Children shared via Linkedin about…How educators and parents can encourage and guide children’s natural curiosity — in the classroom and at home. Thanks for sharing Kent!

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Empowering Girls and Women to Be Global Leaders and Thinkers

Dr. Kafayat Lamidi brought Dr. Susan Madsen, PhD, Dr. Bruno Cignacco PhD, and, me, Tracy Tanner, MBA, together for a relevant discussion Saturday. The question asked, “How can we empower girls and women to be global leaders?” Thank you to Dr. Lamidi for the opportunity to keep this conversation going. To paraphrase, Dr. Susan spoke

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