Tracy Tanner

Chief Executive Officer

Growing up in a family-owned business etched a sense of ownership and responsibility in Tracy Tanner’s core being. It also explains why when you read through her bio, you’ll discover such varied experience, “We truly wore all hats”. Like in her upbringing, Tracy started her career with the conscious decision to experience all sides of the technology supply chain. Beginning in retail, she jumped at the chance to go through a rigorous training that exposed her to every aspect of the business. “I felt right at home at Micro Center.” Tracy stayed with this philosophy of absorbing what she could when transitioning to other companies.

Her knowledge then extend from companies in retail to software publishing, re-seller and distribution spaces. Her mindset that client satisfaction, process improvement and profitability are of utmost importance. She was consistently looking at improvements outside of her immediate responsibility. Because of this approach, she often would be tapped on the shoulder by the C-Suite executives to share her programs and insights. She always credits her fellow employees for being instrumental in making key decisions that brought success.

“Finding what makes a fellow team member engaged and interested in taking the responsibility, ownership and pride is the best contribution you can make to a company. Once that is accomplished, the sky is the limit as to the successes achieved.”

Taking a step back from her career to raise her son did not stop her from contributing to the community. Not only volunteering at her son’s schools, she got involved at The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and ultimately was asked to join the executive board. She quickly became known as a key strategic driver, guiding the team through its planning process. Tracy currently volunteers for programs at various universities in Southern California that are focused on entrepreneurship. She has also provided business consulting for small-medium sized businesses so they may realize their dreams.

“My own personal dream is to continue providing people of all ages the ability to tap into their inner-creative self. Partnering with Bill and John, both former Microsoft colleagues, gives us an even stronger foundation to pool our resources and become known as disruptors in education.”

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