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Where Creativity Blooms into Legacy

Creativity is only as relevant as its context, meaning the rich sociocultural, economic, political and legal aspects of our society today. This context or zeitgeist has profound implications for your business. To the extent that your innovations “fit” the marketplace, and are edgy and novel, your business can be enormously successful.The field of Creativity has

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Opening the Heart and Unleashing Your Creativity

At the crux of all yoga postures is opening the heart, expanding it within the ribcage and reaching upward to the heavens. It is a beautifully transcendent encounter with the Divine. Michael Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul,” said “We open the heart by working through our stuff. The world will activate it and your

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Have you ever fallen into a trance-like state when you were working on a task that brought you great joy and fulfillment?  If you lost track of time and felt “out of reality,” then you experienced self-induced hynogogia. We experience hynogogia at least two times every day—when we are about to fall asleep and when

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Adversity and Creativity—Replace Surviving with Thriving

If we live long enough, we find adversity in our lives or maybe adversity finds us, and usually when we are least prepared for such an adventure. If adversity or extreme circumstances have laid your soul bare, there is good news, a silver lining in an otherwise darkened sky. Research tells us that adversity is

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