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Kolena Check Up


Kolena Check Up®

An assessment engagement intended for customers with existing LMS solutions that are experiencing performance, scalability or administrative challenges.

Overview: Leveraging both consultative and tools based discovery methods, this service provides the customer with an in-depth analysis of their LMS supporting infrastructure and administrative model.

Benefit: Identifies and prioritizes current state risks. Provides recommendations for actions to be taken with the goal of gaining performance, administrative and availability efficiencies. 

Approach:  You may call it experience, we prefer “scar tissue”. We bring to bear years of experience and proven tools to expeditiously identify underlying issues and provide targeted actions to help you obtain your desired state.

“We’ve designed our Check Up® service to rapidly provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on what remediation actions to take to reach your desired state.”  – Ted Powers- CTO Kolena

How to Get Started : Contact us today to schedule your Check Up.

Customer Testimonial : “We had Kolena perform a check up on our LMS solution in preparation for a larger content conversion project. We were surprise to discover several underlying issues that were time-bombs waiting to go off and bring down our entire education platform infrastructure. Kolena provided their expertise to quickly remediate the risks so we could safely start the content conversation project.” -

Don’t get caught scrambling to restore service to your end-users. Proactively schedule a check up today!