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Attacking Goals
Jean-Pierre Fallou

5 Reasons Why Prioritizing Your Own Needs Isn’t Selfish

Being selfless is a wonderful attribute. However, consistently giving more of yourself than you have to offer is a societal pitfall. Are you always taking care of others: their needs, their wants, their everything? Then it’s time to take a step back and see to your own needs. Taking care of yourself isn’t a selfish

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4 Steps to Building Boundaries So You Can Reach Your Goals

Have you ever set a goal for yourself only to find that you are continually coming up against roadblocks? It happens to everyone. Schedules change, people need things from you, or maybe a mixture of the two. This is frustrating. You feel like a failure for not reaching your goal, but you don’t know how to manage the expectations of others against your own needs.

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5 Beliefs That Keep You from Attacking Your Goals

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone makes their dreams into goals. You may have a few of these too. What are the reasons you tell yourself late at night to put the shutdown on making them a reality? These reasons are beliefs that you have, but that doesn’t mean they are valid reasons.

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4 Daring Ways to Brazenly Reach Your Goals

No matter your goal, you most likely have a plan to achieve it. However, there will be road bumps along the way. Everyone doesn’t reach their destination in a linear line, sometimes there are curves, bumps, and canyons that will stand between you and what you want. Here’s how to overcome them.

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The 3 W’s of Reaching Any Goal

You have a goal in mind, but that’s all you have. Creating, working towards, and reaching goals is not easy. The journey is often different for everyone. However, there are three parts of achieving every goal that is always the same. Defining the 3 W’s of your goal will allow you to work toward it without losing sight of the big picture.

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