Exciting Times

We are living in exciting times! With the advent of technologically driven innovations in the biomedical industry, and transportation and security sectors, we are witnessing a new standard of living unparalleled in our nation’s industry. Corporate leaders speculate that to continue this upward trajectory, two trends surrounding human capital need to be addressed:

1) The lack of soft skills development in younger generations. Posting, liking, friending, tweeting and multi-tasking are the new norms for daily interactions. In some instances, this brief dialogue has replaced deeper discussions; and,

2) The need for up-skilling of employees. As the marketplace evolves, more sophisticated skills are necessary for full engagement of human capital.

At Kolena, we are a seasoned team, seeking to bring inclusivity and engagement back into learning via a digital platform. We see several demographics who are not usually brought into the fold of our lifelong learning cycle, left to fend for themselves. And, with an emphasis on soft skills including communication, critical thinking and, importantly, an entrepreneurial mindset, current human capital doesn’t meet corporate needs. This is why we are passionate to affect change.

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