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Ranking On Google For 2020 (by Nick Tanner)

Internet gurus have been trying to convince website owners that ranking on search engines is a mysterious formula. They say that you have to follow a special formula to learn the ways of a professional. Ranking on Google is not easy, but it is simple. Google is constantly changing and improving their search algorithm to do one thing: provide users with what they are looking for. Knowing this simple goal, we can work backwards to figure out how to consistently rank on Google, even after algorithm changes.

Firstly, the most important thing is providing value to the person searching for relevant keywords. The best way to fulfill this need is by writing an article or creating a video that is long enough to solve the issue, and interesting enough to keep the user engaged. The articles that typically rank the highest are at least 1,000 words. It may seem daunting to consistently write this much, but it is necessary to stand out among the millions of other website. It is important for videos to be lengthy, but valuable and not long just to fill time. YouTube videos must be at least 10 minutes. Typically, 10-20 minutes is sufficient, but if you can consistently create interesting and valuable content that is longer, then by all means go for it.

An excellent way to grow a website’s blog or YouTube channel etc. is by partnering with someone who has relevant knowledge but not a direct competitor. For example, if you talk about brands of peanut butter, someone who reviews jelly could be a great addition. This will bring additional exposure to both parties thus creating a mutual benefit.

If you follow the guidelines above, all the technical measurements will naturally perform better. For example, you will have a higher time per visitor on your site if you provide useful information. Your bounce rate will naturally be lower, and people will share and link your website (assuming what you publish is useful).

In conclusion, to grow your presence online, you must treat it like a business. Think about what problem you are solving for your customer (the person searching). Do not waste time on SEO tactics until your core content is better than your competitors.

 Quick Summary:

  • Value is Key: Provide a solution to your target audience’s problem.
  • Longer form articles and videos are frequently necessary to stand out.
  • Post 2-3 times per week. Stay on a schedule so you can build an audience.
  • Offer an email list so you can continue to provide value outside of your website.
























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