Leadership Protection Quotient for Leaders

These 30 questions cover subjective and objective leadership factors that influence & determine the level of protection you have right now, your Protection Quotient (PQ).

The higher your PQ the more likely you'll be protected and supported in your leadership role and the less likely you'll waver or be diminished, affected or prone to poor decisions due to stress, fear, negativity, pressure, incoherences and vices.

The assessment will help diagnose and highlight where you are strong and where you a vulnerable in yourself, your leadership and with your team so you can make the necessary adjustments to have as close to 100% protection when achieving and progressing.

Please answer as truthfully as possible to get a relevant result.

All responses are kept in total and complete confidentiality.

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1. Stress Factor: How stressed, tired, fatigued, negative or gripped by vices do you feel right now?*
2. Purification Factor: Do you sleep well and recover quickly and fully from stressful situations?*
3. Perfect Health Factor: How would you rate your overall health (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) right now, based on where you'd like it to be?*
4. Pain to Joy Factor: What is your ratio of feeling joy & happiness verses pain & sadness?*
5. Obstacle Factor: How often do you feel your progress gets impeded, pushed back, blocked, delayed, diminished, corrupted or even lost?*


6. Coherence Factor: On average how coherent, settled and alert, do you feel in a 24 hour period?*
7. Time Management Factor: Rate your ability to manage your time*
8. Thinking / Feeling Management Factor: How well do you manage your thinking and feelings, are they aligned, one in the same?*
9. Emotional Management Factor: Rate your ability to manage your emotions when things are very challenging or super exciting*
10. Energy Management Factor: Rate your ability to manage your energy*

Leadership State

11. Macro to Micro Factor: How clear on the bigger picture are you and the finer details to fulfill it?*
12. Predictive Factor: How accurate have your predictions or foresight been from 12 months ago to today?*
13. Who / Want Factor: Do you focus more on who you are being & becoming or what you want?*
14. Fulfillment Factor: How fulfilled in yourself do you feel most of the time?*
15. Leadership State Factor: How well do you adapt to avert threats and capitalize on opportunities?*


16. Capacity Factor: Right now, do you feel you have enough capacity to handle any very positive or negative situations that come up?*
17. Response Factor: How well have you been responding to challenging situations and circumstances?*
18. Love Factor: What degree of love do you feel for yourself, what you do and others?*
19. Security Factor: How secure do you feel in your leadership role right now? For example, are you looking over your should more than you have to or less?*
20. Full Potential Factor: How much of your total potential & vision do you feel you have realized and manifested?*

Spontaneous Right Action

21. Right Decision / Action / Time Factor: How often do you make the right decision to take the right action at the right time?*
22. Fear Factor: How much do you think your decisions are based on fear vs inspiration?*
23. Authenticity Factor: How authentic do feel most of the time?*
24. Trust Factor: What degree do you feel you are trusting yourself & your vision fully?*
25. Full Expression Factor: To what degree do you feel fully expressed?*

Deserving Power

26. Support Factor: How supported by your environment, people, market and industry do you feel right now? Are you getting the reciprocity you want?*
27. Respect Integrity Factor: What degree do you feel you are being respected by your team, peers and clients and they act with integrity towards you?*
28. Financial Management Factor: Based on your current financial situation rate your ability to create revenues and manage cashflows*
29. Deserving Factor: How quickly to you feel your most important desires get fulfilled?*
30. Giving Factor: How would your rate your giving of time, money, value, expertise to help uplift others, reduce suffering and increase joy?*

Upon completion, please check your email to schedule your one-on-one with a member of our team.

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