Without You… My Support Team from an Entrepreneur’s Heart

They say it’s networking, rightfully so

With cellphone, texting, LinkedIn, Zoom in tow

Paying-It-Forward has been the motto of most

Weighing in my favor, not to boast.


I do give back, don’t get me wrong

But your words of encouragement are a melodic song.

Bouncing ideas off you gave me thought

As to where I might go to connect that next dot.


A core group of network buddies, I consider friends

Sharing your ideas from a different lens.

So, so important to have your own “tribe”

Providing a unique, focused but creative vibe.


Too many “yes” people a good business does not make

Laying the truth on the table eliminates the fake.

So back to my team, I want to thank you profusely

For always being present and talking in truths to me.


What a challenging world! We’ve had to cope.

You especially have shown up with smiles and hope.

Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of my entrepreneurial heart

Here’s to this upcoming year heralding all a brand-new start.