Go Virtual with Chuck Jones

During this stressful time it is our wish here at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity to bring some creativity and fun into your extra full homes. 

To that effect we bring you:


It’s the same Chuck Jones Center for Creativity you know and love online with LIVE CLASSES you can join or watch later, downloadable DIY projects and Chuck Jones Virtual Backgrounds.

Brought to you by Lee, Rhiannon & Ben

For Chuck Jones In Your Homes, we are doing multiple LIVE CLASSES each day with the option to view later if you miss it. Check out each week with the schedule, overview, supplies and Zoom link.

For Chuck Jones On Your Phones, we will be posting projects and ideas on ChuckJonesCenter.org and on Instagram and Facebook for you to do at home by yourself, at home with your children, or at home with your pet (no judgments, we’re all at home now). They will all use simple materials that you can scrounge from around the house. 

If you find yourself embarking upon a new career as a home-school teacher, Don’t Panic! We’ll be posting projects to satisfy the most stringent home-school art standards, and hopefully engage all your art-makers, big and little. 

Today we bring you a classic Chuck Jones character. Using pencil, paper and some simple shapes you can recreate this beloved cartoon.

Download this pdf for a step by step How To Draw Bugs Bunny

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