Developing a Creative Mindset in Community based eLearning Ecosystem


Kolena Corporation is a eLearning company that fosters leadership in The Future of Work space by helping you create a creative mindset in a community environment.  Developing leaders in an entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Future of Work is about Pure STEAM, that is, an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Exercising your mind from not only a technical but a non-technical perspective brings a rich experience to launch one’s career. Initiative, adaptability, perseverance, and empathy are just a few of the critical, non-technical or soft skills that are key as we navigate our sometimes-tumultuous journey in life.

Our Services

Kolena | Las Vegas eLearning Company | Creative Mindset

EdTech Strategy

We provide strategic leadership, advisory, and implementation services that 1) Inspire LEADERS to make a informed Edtech decision 2) empower EDUCATORS to be educational innovators 3) and equip LEARNERS long learners to lead their generation forward.
Kolena | Las Vegas eLearning Company | Creative Mindset

Digital Learning

We focus on performance based learning that impacts behaviors. When learners perform tasks effectively in the training environment, you’ll see measurable improvements in employee efficiency with existing processes or correct application of new processes.
Kolena | Las Vegas eLearning Company | Creative Mindset

Digital Marketing

In today’s ever changing digital ecosystem a Do It Yourself approach does not work all the time. You need an expert partner who understands all the nuances and complexities of today’s digital platforms and a team who will navigate them along with you.
Las Vegas eLearning Company | The Future of Work with Kolena

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching offering is the process of one person helping another overcome an issue or improve performance. It revolves around sharing experiences and knowledge around specific topics or areas, showing how to best approach different situations, and laying out the steps that should be used when executing the task.
Las Vegas eLearning Company | The Future of Work with Kolena

entrepreneurial ecosystem

Kolena’s platform provides entrepreneurs, students, and developing leaders a career advantage with access to employability training materials focused on workforce readiness in an entrepreneurial ecosystem rich environment! Our offering includes custom software development to adapt our system to your environment.
Las Vegas eLearning Company | The Future of Work with Kolena


Your business is unique. That’s why Kolena works with specific lenders that have funding options that fit what you need and match what you do.

Why Choose Us?

Solid experience

The team at Kolena has been in the business for over two decades and we understand that soft skills are the predominant reason that people are promoted or fired, yet very little formal training is focused on soft skill development. When soft skills are not prioritized in hiring or employee development, a soft skills gap can develop – leading to high turnover, poor customer retention, and ineffective management.

Communications expertise

Communicating effectively means that your ideas and concepts are being heard and people are acting upon them. It also means you are able to listen, understand, and take action on what other people say. The hard part about business communication is that people often don't know they are not conversing clearly.

Professional team

Our team is focused on building a strong organization inside/out, driving our commitment to delivering excellence while bringing purpose, passion, and values to the forefront of our daily activities back to our customers.

Client Testimonials

We Love Our Clients

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