One-Stop Mastery Courses

Teaching our students a comprehensive skill in a subject area of their interest by knowledgeable world experts.  Join them today!

Next Level Leadership Mastery Program​

Join Raamon Newman for the  course which has been created specifically for people that are current leaders and our leaders of the future. There is no prerequisite for this course. Anyone working that is looking for becoming or upping their game as a leader is welcome to enroll in the course.

The Top 6 Creative Jobs Bundle Including 22 Personal Development Soft Skills Courses

Join Christopher Caliendo  as he talks about the top 6 creative jobs for folks that have a liberal arts degree or just want to learn more about another profession.    Given the endless drumbeat of layoff announcements — with deep cuts across the nation — it’s reasonable to wonder: what happens to all of the talent that’s being laid off? How does the changing supply and demand balance impact pay? Is  anyone  safe in this market?

Where Creativity Blooms into Legacy

Join Dr. Deborah Brazeal for a course on The mystical power of the brain….how can you utilize it to transform your company or entrepreneurial venture into one that displays a competitive edge for innovative products, services and designs?