Where Creativity Blooms into Legacy Course Bundle
includes 22 Soft Skills Courses

Creativity is only as relevant as its context, meaning the rich sociocultural, economic, political and legal aspects of our society today. This context or zeitgeist has profound implications for your business. To the extent that your innovations “fit” the marketplace, and are edgy and novel, your business can be enormously successful.

The field of Creativity has found it’s path into the hearts and souls of professional athletes who use visualization techniques, entrepreneurs searching for an exciting new idea and executives wishing to revitalize organizational products, services and systems. 

The newly discovered or rediscovered mantra is acknowledge of the optimistic mind in individuals and teams as a conduit to identify oft-hidden opportunities in the marketplace. The science of neuroplasticity is booming with insights concerning the malleability of the brain and the building of new neural pathways for creativity and new product development. It is an exciting era to be an entrepreneur, executive or anyone wishing to master his/her creativity skills for personal development and financial gain. 

Dr. Brazeal has been researching and practicing the art and science of creativity since before creativity was considered relevant and fashionable and she loves it. Creativity training for entrepreneurs, executive and aspiring creatives is what she does.  Dr. Brazeal’s philosophy is to suggest we all do something radical: Get out of our comfort zones and operate with optimism. Her mission is to provide the fuel for innovative products, services and designs to budding entrepreneurial ventures and established companies.

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  • Defining creativity and how to use it everyday
  • 22 Soft Skills Courses -  Includes Life Coaching Essentials, Attention Management, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Improving Mindlessness, Public Speaking and many more.  

Credentials and Experience for Instructor

Dr. Deborah Brazeal

Kolena / Creative Officer
Full Professor / Cal Poly

Dr. Brazeal’s area of expertise is entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. She is a noted author, speaker and consultant on how companies develop and use a self-sustaining corporate culture to support a continuous stream of radical innovations. 

She has published over 50 articles in proceedings of national and international conferences, book chapters and journal articles in top entrepreneurship journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice and Journal of Business Research.