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Darren T.


"...Being exposed to different forms of art from different places and time periods absolutely provided me with a better understanding of cultures and a appreciation for everyone's contributions to the world."

Karen J.


"...Think of problems in many different ways (much like one can interpret/play the same piece of music many different ways), as well as being able to play off one another on a team."

Antonio B.


 "Not only does performing music help me relax and take my mind off work pressures, but music gives me additional insight (and vice versa) into the creative design and operation of electrical circuits and systems." 

Samantha K.


"...I like art class.  It is fun and let's me express myself."

Kim O.


"Being in the Marching band in high school, I had to work with people I didn't particular like.  We had to perform as a team and it really taught me how to work well with other people.  I learned how to take criticism and put it into productivity and lots of creativity between us."

Steve S.


"...in my drama class in High School, I was able to grow as a problem solver and quick thinker.  It also taught me be a multi-tasker."