Hi, I'm Tracy

I’m a entrepreneur and help startups.  As you know, startups are brand new businesses that are in the first stage of their operations.

With new businesses accounting for nearly all net new job creation, small businesses have become the engines that are driving our economy. Yet, one-third of small businesses will fail within their first two years, and fifty percent will fail within five years. Not all entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial, and those who lack an entrepreneurial mindset are at a distinct disadvantage to compete in the market.

A small business owner with an entrepreneurial mindset can see opportunities where others see none. And a small business owner who is entrepreneurial will work to overcome self-limiting beliefs and take action to bring ideas to fruition, leveraging the resources at hand. An entrepreneurial mindset understands that building a brand of reliability and following through on simple solutions can lead to unforeseen opportunities. An entrepreneurial mindset will empower a small business owner to persist through challenges and self-doubt by building upon self-efficacy moments of success through the entrepreneurial process.

Please take our Leadership Protection Quotient Assessment for Start-up Leaders.  After the Assessment, you’ll be able to set up a FREE 30 minutes session with us.

Tracy Tanner | Kolena Corporation
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