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I’m a entrepreneur and help startups.  As you know, startups are brand new businesses that are in the first stage of their operations. Many startup companies do not have products for sale and usually have initial funding from founders or their families. Kolena offers resources on technology, planning, marketing and more, we can be the first step to help startup owners begin their journey.  So why not join us on the journey?

Some of our virtual offerings include:

Make an incredible learning experience

Business Plan Development

Creating and maintaining a business plan is a key component to presenting a new business to investors, sources of financing, and possible partners. For a startup, this means the owner must show the validity of the startup’s concept. Our advisors help guide business owners to develop business plans that are both clear and engaging.

Other business plan considerations can include:

  • Permits and licenses
  • Keeping the business plan up-to-date and relevant as the business grows


Learn to use Quickbooks to track business’ financial activities, then make a plan to improve the way the business owner manages its money and financial systems. This will help establish accounting procedures that make sense for the business and ensure that the business is managing its finances in compliance with the law.

Marketing/Social Media

Web Development/Content Development:
An online presence is a requirement, not an optional enhancement. Design is as important as function, and an existing website may need to be updated to optimize it as a tool for marketing and customer service.

Social Media:
We help business owners choose which platforms are the best ones to reach their ideal customers, how to establish a presence, and how to develop a strategy to gain a following and keep them engaged.

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Please take our Leadership Protection Quotient Assessment for Start-up Leaders.  After the Assessment, you’ll be able to set up a 1-1 with us.

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