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How to Use Mindfulness to Boost Creativity

You’ve probably heard about mindfulness, and maybe you even have a regular mindfulness practice. But did you know that mindfulness is useful not just for keeping you calm and focused, it can stimulate your creativity and open up your thinking? If you’re interested in reaching your creative potential, here’s how mindfulness can give you a

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6 Tips for Becoming an Entrepreneur Later in Life

6 Tips for Becming an Entreprenuer later in Life is not limited by age, and you can start a successful business at any stage of your life. However, becoming an entrepreneur later in life has its own unique challenges. Consider these tips for starting a business as a senior: Avoid allowing others to limit your

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14 Career Tips to Help You Brush Up on Your Soft Skills

For many job hunters, describing their soft skills can be the hardest part of applying for a new position. You’re prepared to send your transcripts and discuss your sales record, but how do you prove that you’re a team player or early adopter? In case you don’t already know, hard skills are the job-specific education

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Keep Your Brain Healthy in Just 5 Minutes a Day

You look after your body, stay as fit as you can and make time for a healthy lifestyle, right? It’s just as important to keep your brain healthy too if you want to deal better with stress, be more productive, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life. The good news

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