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Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning [eBook Launch]×449.jpgHow To Use Games For Spaced Learning To Beat The Forgetting Curve Busy schedules, heavy workloads, and on-the-job distractions are just a few of the obstacles your employees must overcome when trying to expand their knowledge. So, how do you get over the forgetting curve and help your learners retain information? This eBook explores how

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How To Select An Education App Development Company That's Right For You×449.jpg Find The Right Education App Development Company Millions of students who are currently unable to visit schools, colleges, and universities are now attending online classes, maintaining the restriction of physical and social distancing. Although a few countries have opened their schools, the recurrence of COVID-19 infections have forced them to think of re-closures. This

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Top 8 Trends Shaping Digital Transformation In 2022 And Beyond×449.jpg Top 8 Trends Shaping Digital Transformation As the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing companies to consider stringent measures to cope with the fallout for their growth prospects, many are looking forward to digital transformation to take on the new challenges. According to the Global Trade Magazine, rampant restrictions on people and goods

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Why Is Internal Linking For SEO Important For An eLearning Website?×449.png Internal Linking For SEO: Why It Is Important For Your eLearning Website Internal linking for SEO is essential for eLearning websites because it can help your site grow significantly. All you have to do is be smart about it. As you keep adding content to your eLearning website or blog, it gets harder to

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Pursuing Professional Purpose: Why Should Passion For Work Be At The Forefront Of Your Company?×449.png How Passion For Work Can Transform The Performance Of Your Company As an emotion, passion brings out the best in people. When accompanied by this feeling, any action you take becomes memorable. Moreover, it is a contagious emotion that can do wonders in a team as well. An employee with a passion for work

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7 Online Directory Search Tips For Training Needs Assessment Outsourcing×449.jpgHow To Choose The Right TNA Service Provider Training needs assessment companies specialize in digital detective work. They must use all their analytic, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills to streamline your strategy, as well as identify online training shortcomings that limit employee potential and organizational growth. So, how do you find a vendor with all

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