Opening the Heart and Unleashing Your Creativity

At the crux of all yoga postures is opening the heart, expanding it within the ribcage and reaching upward to the heavens. It is a beautifully transcendent encounter with the Divine. Michael Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul,” said “We open the heart by working through our stuff. The world will activate it and your heart will close. You will know when you have worked through it when the world does not trigger you.”

An open heart creates energy in the form of forward motion. It leaves your baggage behind and unleashes creativity.

He continues, “There are days now where my consciousness absorbs me. There are hours where the line is blurred between who I am and what I am doing or seeing or thinking. I find difficulty in distinguishing the point I finish and the place my understandings start. I hold onto moments at times, and push others away, keeping both stuck in places that can’t be processed. Yet, I am learning. And, I am becoming aware that I am aside from my learning. I am me and I am giving myself a chance at a more open and true existence.”

I believe it takes grit, courage and resilience to find what is lost within one’s soul, that is, our unique calling instilled in us by the Divine.

A final Michael Singer quote: “If you fall back into your comfort zone, you are fleeing yourself.”

When did you last live outside of your comfort zone?

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