Pandemic Observations of The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and The Startup Journey

An idea was born in 2019, Business modeling…think LEAN.
With the what and who decided, Dreams and reality collided.

A great team with expertise. All can’t “hang in” with ease.
Presentations! Who’s critiquing, who’s talking?
Don’t do this, one minute too that!

Brainstorming and ideas flying…
Adrenalin and optimism keep one trying.
Adaptability and creativity give equal time.
Focused on a new workplace paradigm.

The world of the siloed ecosystem;
A pitching, judging, and mentoring gem.
Great for those with savvy and GPS.
And for others, nothing but stress.

Some fish for a market, casting wide nets.
Only to settle on a few bets.
Have the “hot ticket” in upcoming industries?
Lending attention as one pleases.

Entering 2020 with real hope,
Now just trying to cope.
Worldwide confusion but focused on a cure
All in this together that’s for sure.

“Wasn’t ‘19 left behind?”,
A good pipeline was thought to be mined.
The months breeze by…Zoom! Zoom!
Can we get out of this room?!

In lock-step with partners long-term
All we really want is to, “Kill this germ!”
Focused and hopeful through it all
It’s now what is called…”the new normal”.

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