We welcome you to our website and ask you to join us in this journey to bring long-needed attention not only to the Arts but especially bringing creativity back into our learning experiences. We work with industry partners to provide programs focused on creativity that exercises the brain at any stage of your life.

Our School Programs



All parents hope to find the best educational program for their children. And they recognize the lasting impact that early learning experiences have on a child’s development and future learning. At Kolena, we work with Home Schooled, Preschoolers, Montessori schools and others to help further a child's creativity experience.


Many researchers have found that we are born creative beings. Please just observe your young child or grandchild. They love playing, creating, imagining and discovering! Most can attest that creativity is slowly trained out of us once in school. We do understand that working within a structure is a vital part of learning and existing in society. 

At Kolena, we promote enriching that childlike discovery throughout a child’s and young adult’s school career. We believe that with the right learning tools, creativity continues to enrich a young person’s life allowing them to be better prepared to navigate life’s many challenges.

Special Needs

Per Wikipedia, in the United States, special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological. 

We are about being inclusive. Kolena’s goal is to provide those working with a loved one with such disabilities to have added tools at their disposal that will help them:

  • Integrate in society
  • Recall a memory
  • Simply enjoy their day
  • Smile and laugh
  • Lose themselves in the moment

Higher Education

Preparing a young adult to enter the workforce or even an adult to continue education is another educational milestone. There continues to be more pressure to achieve with creativity being one of the most key ingredients to adaptive learning. Basic creativity learning tools will promote responsibility, confidence, collaboration, adaptability and a sense of being valued in key decision making processes.

Our Corporate Programs



To find our passion and settle into a career, be it self-employment or in a corporate environment, can be a great feat in and of itself. Most of us experience situations which give us opportunities to work with others. Equipped with an approach that incorporates the left-brain and the right-brain working in tandem allows for a winning combination. 

Using this philosophy can improve and even lead to great outcomes! Successful teams have proven that they achieve this success by being inclusive, adaptive, collaborative, non-judgmental and creative. Our corporate programs at Kolena lead teams through fun exercises to address your specific goals.

Career Transition

When it comes to self-improvement, we know a lot of methods. To get fit, you eat right and exercise. To grow in physical strength, you train and lift weights. To improve your memory, you get enough sleep and intentionally learn new things.

But what can you do to improve and grow in your career?

Regardless of where you're at—transitioning from a successful run in business or finding new ways to contribute to society—you can continue to grow and advance through exercising your creativity.

Our Senior Programs


Senior Programs

There are many times in our lives where we are at a point of transition. So, you’ve had a career but possibly want to continue working toward a new endeavor and feel stuck? Perhaps you simply want to spend time with your family and would like to bring them together for a special night of creativity. Our creativity kits can help you along that journey by experiencing different types of problem-solving situations or fun brain exercises.

Special Needs

Along with our Partner, Chuck Jones' Center of Creativity, we are working together to highlight the ways creative pursuits and intellectual activity in early adulthood can help prevent the development of dementia as a person ages.

"New research suggests that maintaining an active, engaged brain might be just as important to brain health for people in their 50s and 60s as cardiovascular exercise is to heart disease prevention,” said William R. Shankle, M.S., M.D., F.A.C.P., the Judy & Richard Voltmer Endowed Chair in Memory and Cognitive Disorders at Hoag. “The brain works like a muscle, when you exercise it, it gets bigger and functions more efficiently. Creative activity activates more brain areas than just about any other kind of activity and might help to prevent damage from various diseases like Alzheimer's.” 

Professional Services


Content Development & Professional Services

In order to bring you creative world-class curriculums and programs, we have to be subject matter experts in content development and Learning Management Systems (LMS) architecture, deployment, and management. Think of it as the business end of the user interface experience. The Kolena team of consultants has decades of experience developing content and deploying LMS infrastructures.

Utilizing in-house expertise, we will collaborate with you to understand your current and desired state and as needed, provide the necessary content, programs, and supporting infrastructure services to launch your initiative or get it back on track. Our goal is to provide you with the information and expertise you need to make educated decisions, provide you with state-of-the-art content and a highly available, easy to manage education platform. We offer: 

  • Ready workshops and whiteboards sessions to get you started in the right direction
  • Content development, migrations and conversions
  • LMS infrastructure assessments, architectures and deployments