Leadership Protection Quotient

These 30 questions cover subjective and objective leadership factors that influence & determine the level of protection you have right now, your Protection Quotient (PQ).

The higher your PQ the more likely you'll be protected and supported in your leadership role and the less likely you'll waver or be diminished, affected or prone to poor decisions due to stress, fear, negativity, pressure, incoherences and vices.

The assessment will help diagnose and highlight where you are strong and where you a vulnerable in yourself, your leadership and with your team so you can make the necessary adjustments to have as close to 100% protection when achieving and progressing.

Please answer as truthfully as possible to get a relevant result.

All responses are kept in total and complete confidentiality.

  • Purification

  • Coherence

  • Leadership State

  • Capacity

  • Spontaneous Right Action

  • Deserving Power

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