Content Creators

Learn how to create, market, and sell online courses with Kolena

Create Courses

Kolena will help Content Creators convert their expertise & life experiences into income by creating high impact courses.


Multimedia Lessons

We have multiple learning styles with video, audio, text, image-based lessons, and more...


Create dynamic multimedia quizzes to reinforce learning or test competency of the material.

Course Builder

Easily build online courses from one screen with the intuitive multi-tier drag and drop course builder.

Drip Content

We focus by making lessons available over time.


Require the successful completion of a specific lesson or even a specific course before another one unlocks.

Course Tracks

We offer degree programs or certifications on completion of a group of courses taken in any order.


Get learners to take action with tasks to be completed, uploads to submit and long answer essays. With assignments you can ask or require your students to act before completing a lesson.

Quiz timer

Set a maximum time limit for a quiz so students can demonstrate learning within a certain time.

Student Dashboard

Front end student profiles so learners can track their activity and stay organized.

Multi Instructor

We can create a multi instructor course and even assign multiple instructors to a course if you teach in teams.

Lesson Download

We offer the ability to downloadable worksheets, ebooks, PDFs, audios, and other files for offline learning.

Course Import

Easily import a xAPI course from one site to another for migration, licensing, and more.

Course Export

One click export a Kolena course for migration, licensing, backups, and more.

Discussion Areas

Enjoy multiple discussion areas including lesson comments, forums, private coaching areas, and timelines

Instructional Design

We guide you in how to organize and structure the most engaging courses online.

Form Integrations

We collect assignments, contact messages, other data, and more.

Grapics Pack

Get beautifully designed royalty-free certificate backgrounds, achievement badges, and more.

Course Reviews

We help you increase course sales by collecting testimonials and honest reviews of your courses.

Engage with the Life-Long Learner

Kolena has a keen focus on engagement and helping you create courses that your Life-Long Learner can enjoy and actually complete.

Achievement Badges

We make the online course progress addicting with earned achievement badge gamification.


We offer printable certificates for skills, training, continuing education requirements, and more.

Personalized Email

We deliver personalized custom emails based on a learner's behavior on our learning platform.

Social Learning

We unlock the power of a "Facebook-like" community on our site to increase conversation and completion rates.

Private Coaching

We can offer private 1:1 content, coaching, and discussion for maximum income potential and learner results.

Text Messaging

We can help you engage with your learners and prospects with personalized text messages to their smartphones.