The Kolena Exchange

We see a world where creativity 
is expressed from the fabric of every being.

At Kolena, our mission is to foster the creative spirit we have in all of us. The Kolena Exchange is a powerful, all-in-one platform that makes it easy to take, create, and sell online courses and memberships. With our platform, you will see the impact teaching online will have on the life-long learner in all of us.  join us today.

Our Platform

It’s wild how with The Kolena Exchange platform you can manage and control an online school from a simple website. The easiest and most cost-effective way to get your online learning program up and running is with The Kolena Exchange. We have designed our platform to be user-friendly with powerful tools that give you full control of the user learning experience. And the best part? You can be up and running in a few easy steps!

Web Design

Do you feel you need your own website based on The Kolena Exchange Technology? Let us help you use our powerful tools to design something for you.


Control the look and feel of your platform so it's in perfect alignment with your company culture and style.


Choose from over 600 Google Fonts for your site so the words match your brand and signature style.


Keep your valuable learning materials safe and secure so only people who are supposed to see it can access it


Go from one course and one student to a huge online presence with tens of thousands or millions of learners


Our cloud computing platform is based on a reliable network that involves delivering hosted services over the internet.

System Analyzer

With one click we can generate a full diagnostic report of the current status of key site elements.


Benefit from other companies that are building compatibility, integrations, and add-on products.

Dream Team

At it's core Kolena is made by a team of course creators, marketing experts, and technical geniuses.

Managing Our Platform

Kolena allows you to lock down your content to the people who are supposed to be able to see it at exactly the right time.

Course Protection

Course content is protected out of the box so only enrolled students can view the lessons and other materials.

User Accounts

New students get their very own account on our website so the experience is unique to them.

Members-Only Content

We lock down any content so that only active members can view and interact with it.

Restricted Access

Redirect non-members with custom messages to where to join the membership to unlock specific content.

Bulk Course Enrollment

We can easily enroll existing learners in newly added courses with one click.

Detailed Reporting

Beautiful customizable sales, enrollment, & student reports to view & download the data you care about.


See how students are doing based on their completion progress, quiz scores, and overall grades.

Testing Tools

Review specific quiz attempts and allow students to retake quizzes with limits if you choose.

Student Management

View student reports, add students to new courses, remove students, give quiz second chances, and more.

Transforming Training Around The World -- Let's Get Started Today

You are just a few moments away from opening a world of learning.   Transform your training with The Kolena Exchange.

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