Sharing knowledge results in creative ideas?

The most productive way to exist is by sharing positive interactions. I feel enlightened when I am able to collaborate with others from around the world.

When I share knowledge, creative ideas are the end result and that’s what I’ve found during these last 3 months. My co-workers and I get together on a weekly brainstorming call to spend time sharing what we know and how it helps each of us find solutions for our business.  Sharing what we know allows us to introduce new perspectives that may have been overlooked.  We each find it a more enriching experience when collaboration happens this way.

The end product is powered by the maximum value that we are able to provide as we spend time giving each other our own perspective on areas of improvement. We see great value in helping each other form creative ideas that help resolve our challenges and move them toward achieving our corporate and individual goals.  Today, I am happy to be a collaborator in my professional and personal roles. It sparks a sense of brotherhood when I open myself up to sharing knowledge. I believe that sharing my resources results in better outcomes for all.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What approach do I take to facilitate organized sharing of information at work?

2. What else can I do to spark creativity in the office?

3. How does sharing of knowledge help in strengthening relationships?

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