Leadership Fundamentals HOP Performance Bronze Package

Leadership fundamentals are the essential skills and qualities that leaders need to have in order to lead effectively. According to various sources123, some of the leadership fundamentals include:

  • Communication: The ability to convey ideas, vision, feedback, and information clearly and persuasively to different audiences.
  • Vision: The ability to create and articulate a compelling and inspiring picture of the future that aligns with the organization’s goals and values.
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: The ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize data and information, and use them to develop and execute sound strategies and plans.
  • Empowerment: The ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others, and provide them with the resources, support, and autonomy they need to succeed.
  • Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize one’s own strengths, weaknesses, emotions, values, and biases, and how they affect one’s behavior and impact on others.
  • Influence: The ability to persuade, motivate, and inspire others to follow one’s direction, support one’s ideas, or take action.
  • Learning Agility: The ability to adapt to changing situations, learn from feedback and experience, and seek new knowledge and skills.

These are some of the leadership fundamentals that every leader should practice2 and develop over time. Leadership fundamentals can help leaders to achieve better results, build stronger relationships, and foster a positive culture in their teams or organizations.

HOP is a data-driven, boundary-breaking, high-performance producing community and group of educators and coaches that believes “Higher Order Performance” steams from the mastery of the highest levels of performance using the philosophy and technology of neuroscience.


Bronze Package Includes:

Leadership Fundamentals Understanding Your Role – Module 1

Leadership Fundamentals Beginning Your Role – Module 2

Leadership Fundamentals Legal Aspects of Leadership – Module 3

Leadership Fundamentals Building Trust and Relationships – Module 4

Leadership Fundamentals Effective Communication – Module 5

Leadership Fundamentals Coaching and Mentoring – Module 6

Bonus Package:

Handling Difficult Conversations at Work



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