Next Level Leadership Mastery Course GOLD Bundle

Next Level Leadership Mastery Course GOLD package includes three days on site at your location.  We will spend time with you and up to 2 additional members of your team in how we can help Make High Pressure, Impactful Leadership Decisions that Protect and Enhance You and Everyone on your Team.

This package includes the Leadership Mastery Course SILVER  and BRONZE bundle.

We’ll address your most pressing issues so you have even more awareness to see, feel and know the higher truth of what is going on and what is really required to move forward in the best most progressive and protected way possible.

NOTE:  Onsite session Does Not Include “Travel and Expense” which will be billed separately.

$2,249.00 / month for 6 months and a $999.00 sign-up fee

3 Day Onsite Leadership Sessions

Join Raamon for 3 days onsite at your location.  We will work with up to 4 additional team members in these sessions.  We have found that Leaders who invest in themselves and their teams are more able to make complex situations simple.

During our sessions, we will provide you and your team greater awareness, coherence, and clarity to see & purify root cause issues that remove obstacles to better progress. Leaders who have more connectivity and coherence between their 100 billion neurons are more in tune with change and less affected by the stress & negativity of changes.

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5 highly personalized 1-1 Zoom session


These calls enliven more leadership consciousness to have more awareness of the truth that will make you and your team victorious in your leadership and business performance.

We purify your most pressing issues so you have even more awareness to know,  believe and trust in what is required to move forward in the most progressive protected way possible to maximize growing revenues & securing investment while minimizing costs & reducing stress.
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Your Full Leadership Mastery Course entails

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Course Curriculum

Along with the eBook The Science of Protection these seven modules will help you breakthrough…

Course 1
The Evolution of Leadership

  • The Evolution of Leadership
  • Brief History of Leadership
  • Characteristics of a Leader
  • Leadership Principals
  • Four Theories of Leaders
  • Situational Leadership
  • Evolving Leadership Case Study
  • Modeling the Way
  • Today’s Top Leaders Must Haves
  • Personal Inventory and Shared Vision

Course 2
Self-Awareness Based Leadership

  • Self Awareness
  • Clarity Through Purification
  • Coherence
  • Leadership State
  • The Physical Self
  • The Emotional Self
  • The Mental Self
  • The Spiritual Self
  • Mindfulness
  • Time Management
  • Mood Management

Course 3
Creativity within Ourselves

  • The Mystical Brain: Where Creativity Blooms into Legacy
  • Demystifying Creativity
  • The Art of Creativity
  • The Placebo Effect
  • The Genesis of Ideas
  • A Deeper Dive
  • Denouement

Course 4
Ten Soft Skills You Need

  • What are Soft Skills
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Attitude and Work Ethics
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Self-Confidence
  • Ability to Learn from Criticism
  • Networking

Course 5
Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation

  • Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation
  • Status
  • Charisma
  • Presentation Skills
  • Human Connection
  • Negotiating and Closing

Course 6
Work-Life Balance

  • Benefits of a Healthy Balance
  • Signs of an Imbalance
  • Employer Resources
  • Optional Ways to Work
  • Working From Home Office
  • Goal Setting
  • At Work
  • At Home
  • Stress Management

Course 7
Investing in Yourself

  • Implementing Leadership into Everyday Life
  • Value Driven Decision Making
  • Capacity
  • Spontaneous Right Action
  • Deserving Power
  • Development Support and Reward System

But wait there is more with our BONUS Pack


Sustain Your Relentless Achievement While Protecting
Your Health, Happiness, Relationships & Reputation
Whether Your Business Currently Feels Smooth Or Chaotic
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