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What’s Inside The Science Of Protection Book?


Part 1: Primary Importance Of Protection

Chapter 1: The Universal Force Of Protection
The protection we’re bringing to light is like a universal immune system that protects your whole life (inner and outer), your development as a person and a leader, and your achievement and progress. Enhance and take care of this universal protective immune system and it will enhance and take care of you so you can accomplish as much as you want for as long as you want. If we and our families don’t have strong immune systems we don’t have the foundation to protect ourselves, our team, and what we achieve.

Chapter 2: The Myths, Reality & Future Of Leadership
In our research efforts to identify and define leadership, we have realized a few major common misconceptions regarding leadership. In fact, the truth is so far from what is now preached to leaders that we have dedicated this entire chapter to debunking leadership myths and setting the record straight.

Part 2: Internal Protection Development

Chapter 3: Purification
This is the first step to establishing protection inside and outside of you. Purifying yourself and your environment allows better things to come in. Progress alone cannot happen without purification. These are messages we consistently remind our clients of because they’re so gripped with wanting to progress, not realizing the basis for progressing most effectively is purifying what needs to be purified first. If you want better digestion, it would be wise to first purify the toxins in your system causing bad digestion while shifting to a healthier diet.

Chapter 4: Coherence
Coherence is what creates the wholeness that is greater than the sum of the parts. Coherence integrates, connects and protects the whole and the parts so they’re orderly. We’re using the word coherence from a neurophysiological perspective where it means harmony; orderliness and synchronicity between different parts of the brain so more of the whole brain is utilized enabling you to feel, see and know more. This is what allows you to have the right unifying (and therefore protecting) thought at the right time.

Chapter 5: The Leadership State
Where there is complete wakefulness (absolute alertness), there is victory and protection. Victory – fulfillment of what you want – comes from a pure, truthful, integrated, self-referral state of mind and leadership.

Part 3: External Protection Integration

Chapter 6: Capacity
Capacity is having expanded, heightened awareness and focus to handle anything. Being in the leadership state is a prerequisite for having great capacity. Then it’s about optimally utilizing your capacity externally on a conscious level where you’re not under or overwhelming yourself so you get the best out of yourself, others and your resources.

Chapter 7: Spontaneous Right Action
As the previous chapter teaches, capacity gives you more awareness and focus, the by-product of this is more ability for spontaneous right action. Spontaneous right action is timely evolutionary action in tune with what is required.

Chapter 8: Deserving Power
Deserving power is derived from having done the work of developing and giving of yourself so you have a threshold of positive energy, good merit and support to avert problems and see opportunities before they arise, enabling you to get, protect and sustain what you want.

Part 4: Setting Protection To Protect You, Your Team And Your Achievement

Chapter 9: Protection Setting
Protection setting goes beyond relying on goals, habits, and positivity as a means for growth; it deals with unfolding more of your innate capacity as a means for growth. By defining why protection is important to you, what protection looks like in action for you, and how it will change your leadership state, you can begin to simplify your role as a leader as well as magnify your capacity. This innately helps you be more protected from the pressures of your on-demand high performance responsibility.

Chapter 10: The Science Of Protection Summarized
Protection is a law of nature, existing within you, others, and the Universe as you know it. Protection is our term for that intelligence that coherently creates, preserves or dissolves based on what is best for the whole to continue to thrive and evolve. It’s like a universal immune system that protects your whole life and development as a person and a leader. Protection allows you to stay at the top of the mountain of progress, regardless of conditions, shifts in the economy, potential stressors, and avalanches of change.


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