Small town business idea: cat grooming

Photo of a fuzzy cat with, resting his jaw on a limb and looking up.

This fuzzy boy is always getting matted fur. If only there was a cat grooming service he could go to!

This was a new idea to me. Alyssa McCleery from Newkirk, Oklahoma, brought this up. She has local dog grooming but had to drive hours to find a place to get her cat groomed.

I was skeptical at first, but why not cat grooming as a service?

Just trimming cat claws can be a challenge. Not to mention those longhair cats who get matted and tangled fur.

The Groomer to Groomer website has plenty of articles on grooming cats as a business.

Seems like a perfect mobile business for rural areas. Show up in a van or trailer, do grooming on site and cover as much territory as you choose.

There is an economic development benefit. When someone has to drive out of town, maybe hours away, to get their pet groomed, they are going to be shopping  and spending money while they wait. Better to have that service provided in town, maybe even in home, and avoid the extra out-of-town spending.

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About Becky McCray

Becky started Small Biz Survival in 2006 to share rural business and community building stories and ideas with other small town business people. She and her husband have a small cattle ranch and are lifelong entrepreneurs. Becky is an international speaker on small business and rural topics.

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