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Moment by moment, national, state, and city officials are announcing new directives changing the course of our daily lives. Most recently a large majority of corporations, educational institutions, and other entities have made decisions to work remotely. Remote, in this instance, means to work from home, that is, if our workforce is equipped to do so. Much needs to be considered in the process.

Many of us consider working outside a traditional work space as the norm. This is especially true as Millennial’s and Gen Z generations demand flexibility and autonomy to fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations. Let’s remember this mode of working has not been experienced or by any means adopted by the general populous. This week alone, companies are taking steps to box up all office workers’ supplies and are transitioning them to their homes. Office equipment is just one part of the consideration while making this shift into a new work environment. This is not only a major change logistically but emotionally. Physically moving boxes does not allow for the transition to transpire in a way that promotes good working habits and mental health. This may create a greater divide in already strained corporate cultures that manages five generations in the workforce.

Educational Institutions
Top educators have made similar announcements. Students at all levels are transitioning to remote learning. In many cases, the educational institutions may not have the necessary infrastructure to promote distance learning. In the younger grades, parents are scrambling to secure a mode of normalcy for their children while trying to do the same for themselves. At the college level, some students, especially international ones, feel stranded or have made plans to return home. These changes alone are uprooting and are occurring amidst the anxiety of encountering empty to near empty virtual and traditional brick and mortar grocery stores.

Through the use of technology, the disruption in classes or corporate culture can be minor while also building new avenues of future learning. By combining online meeting, webinar tools, and video conferencing, corporate learning and development management teams as well as professors and educators have the opportunity to continue teaching while evolving the current

Social Learning Environment.
In fact, it is projected that the current pandemic crisis may illuminate how companies and academic institutions are capable of using Ed Tech to nurture a more flexible and creative work environment. Colleagues are graciously reaching out to each other to quickly ramp up and create a new work space at home and online.

Kolena Can Help – The Kolena Exchange
The Kolena Exchange system is an all-in-one learning management system that is a digital classroom, helping corporations and educators capture opportunities and make an impact in their communities. We will build and launch your course right alongside you. We will guide you through the process, helping you avoid common mistakes and making the most of your valuable time. In just one day, this beginner-level course will set you on the path to on-line learning success with The Kolena Exchange and its community. Want to expand your course’s educational benefits even further? The Kolena Exchange also allows you to create homework assignments, quizzes, and handouts. All of the benefits of the classroom experience are now available straight from your website Imagine if lecture time came with an edit option. Think of something you forgot to mention in the last class? Simply record a video, upload it, and share it with the class. Need to change something you said during your last lecture? Edit the video and repeat the previous process.

While sadly COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our daily routine, technology is giving us opportunities to explore new avenues of education, avenues that allow us to expand our reach and better serve the communities we’re trying to help. With the right tools, learning and development management teams, as well as professors like you, can not only reach your current employees and students when you can’t physically be present.

Please sign up for your free membership and experience our social learning platform today.

Wishing you and your family health.

Your friends at Kolena,

Tracy Tanner, Jean Pierre Fallou and Dr. Deborah Brazeal

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