The 6 Creative Jobs Bundle

Given the endless drumbeat of layoff announcements — with deep cuts across the nation — it’s reasonable to wonder: what happens to all of the talent that’s being laid off? How does the changing supply and demand balance impact pay? Is anyone safe in this market?

LIBERAL ART MAJORS – How to parley your creative skills into the business world.

YOUR CONCERNS – There is a lack of jobs, high employment, taking on Advance Degrees, and ever increasing debt.

THE RESEARCH SHOWS – Your creative skills are in demand by business.

THREE SECTIONS DISCUSSED – 1) Adaptability Skills  ​​​​​​​2) Secrets to Business Trends 3) The Top 6 Creative Jobs in 2020.

TWENTY ONE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES – Includes Life Coaching Essentials, Attention Management, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Improving Mindlessness, Public Speaking and many more.

PLUS FREE WEBINAR and STRATEGY DISCUSSION INCLUDED – Schedule a 45 Minute Strategy Call with Christopher after you watch the FREE Webinar.

Join us today for this exciting course.


Kolena’s e-learning platform provides entrepreneurs, students, and developing leaders a career advantage with access to employability training materials focused on workforce readiness in an entrepreneurial ecosystem-rich environment!


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