The Exploring Leadership Show with Special Guest Tracy “Nike” Tanner

Tracy Tanner is the CEO at Kolena Corporation, an education-technology company that is committed to teaching soft skills and conveying other vital knowledge in an innovative way focused on helping learners increase their impact in the world. Several years ago, a team Tracy was leading started calling her, “Nike” because of her “Just Do It!” attitude. You will learn firsthand how accurate that is as a descriptor of Tracy’s MO in life.

Tracy will inspire you to think globally and be BOLD (learn her B.O.L.D. model toward the end of the interview). One of the best parts of Tracy’s interview is there is zero hesitation or fear in anything she is doing. If you need a bit of extra motivation to push forward with hard but worthwhile priorities in your life, you will love learning from Tracy. You can connect with Tracy by emailing her at You can view her LinkedIn profile and connect with her there at this link: and check out the great work her company is doing at

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Welcome to the Exploring Leadership Podcast by Spencer Taylor, where we interview experienced business leaders and executives to define what the most effective leaders are made of and how to help underperforming leaders transform into the best they can be; brought to you by Warrior Leadership.

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