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The rise of the BlaBlaMafia

Startup “mafia” is a concept coined by PayPal in the 2000. Its refers to a network that takes root in one single company, and with talent, mentorship and capital, evolves into a broad alumni network…

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What startups can learn from this dumpster fire year

Want this newsletter in your inbox every Saturday morning? Sign up here. Remember when it was news that venture capitalists were open for business? Or when Zoom investing was only done by that one gu…

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States of growth: When and where entrepreneurship has thrived

MIT professor Scott Stern is co-author of a new paper showing that although overall new business ventures have slowed, the number of startups with high growth potential has actually increased over re…

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The Great Debate: Why Senegal may be the Best Country to Launch and Scale Your Tech Startup!

How do African countries rank when it comes to creating the enabling environment for technology startups to thrive? Do tech entrepreneurs fare better on the West, East, or South of the continent…

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How Challenges Evolve In A Startup From Idea To Growth

Each stage of a startup is characterized by its own unique challenges. The overall challenge of building a startup is that as the company grows, the old challenges don’t disappear, they just become m…

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