Have you ever fallen into a trance-like state when you were working on a task that brought you great joy and fulfillment?  If you lost track of time and felt “out of reality,” then you experienced self-induced hynogogia.

We experience hynogogia at least two times every day—when we are about to fall asleep and when we are awakening in the morning from a deep sleep. Since many of us fall asleep rather quickly due to fatigue or get annoyed if we cannot fall asleep, let’s tackle the morning hypnogogic state.  Imagine awakening and not opening your eyes yet but being aware of light and sound. Let you mind wander where it wishes but introduce problems and obstacles to it somewhat matter-of-factly without undue stress or pressure. Try to extend this time before you awaken fully and get out of bed to start your day. This time in the morning is sacrosanct for creativity. Your brain is flexible, open and questioning. The ability to harness this time and use it effectively is a critical creative practice that you can utilize daily.

If you practice this every morning for at least 3 months, I can promise you great clarity of thinking, greater breadth of creative thought and a more serene, “go with the flow” existence. Tapping into a creative state for the purposes of identifying a business, refining it, branding it and finding a target market becomes more natural and second nature. Further, creative insight is great when we work in spurts rather than pre-established working times.

 Learn to go with the flow and be spontaneous.  When you feel creative, get out of bed and begin to work on your project!

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