The Science of Protection Audio eBook

The Science of Protection Audio eBook

The Science of Protection Audio eBook Just Released!

With all that Raamon Newman has experienced personally and professionally the last couple of years and now with all the market volatility, virus fear, war, supply chain issues, and accelerated change going on Raamon realized more than ever having the capacity to protect himself, others, achievement & progress plus health, happiness, relationships, reputation, and the world is now primary for everyone.

Protection is the new fair advantage & requirement in leadership & life.

Protection means we’re coherent enough to have the right thoughts to act on at the right time to protect our progress.

After months of production we’re excited to let you know our book is now available in all it’s 9 hour plus glory via:

This offer includes the eBook version, Audio book and Leadership Protection Tool kit (valued at $120) for only $29.

Audio eBook Link

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