5 Tools to Master Your Action Plan

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Today I’ve got quick list for you. These project management and planning tools are a great asset when trying to keep the steps on your action plan prioritized. Here are five that will let you master your goals.

  1. Use an app like the Wunderlist app. It allows you to create to-do lists from your action plan. It’s great for keeping track of multiple projects or goals. It lets you set due dates and reminders. You can use it to collaborate with others.
  2. Another popular app is AirTable. This app is a project tracker, spreadsheet, and database that gives you the freedom to work the way you like. Focus on key milestones and due dates in the calendar view. Display projects on large cards so you can easily find anything related to those project-images, docs, and more.
  3. Let’s go old school! Pen and paper is still an option for many people. The good thing about pen and paper is that you can quickly edit and change your lists to fit your daily need. Do a brain dump, then reorganize what needs to be done to reach your goals.
  4. Create a project action plan using a project action pad or planner. Break that big goal down into smaller manageable tasks.
  5. Use a Gantt Chart. This project management planning board lets you visually layout your goals into smaller tasks with due dates in a chart format. It lets you see your progress of various projects and tasks.

It doesn’t matter what type of tool you use to make your action plan workable. It only needs to fit the way you do things.

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