Kolena brings you a world where creativity is expressed from the fabric of every  being.


Providing Educational Services


creative thinking to the life-long learner

Our Vision

A world where creativity is expressed from the fabric of every being.


Whether you get mesmerized by Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa or Albert Einstein’s theories about space and time, you’ll probably agree that both pieces of work are products of mind-blowing creativity. Imagination is what propels us forward as a species – it expands our worlds and brings us new ideas, inventions, and discoveries.

At Kolena, we are a team of dedicated technology and education professionals who want to change the education industry by providing creative content, expertise, and delivery solutions for the lifelong learner. With inclusivity of children to seniors being key to our vision, we are further focusing on transition points in one’s life when we need a little extra guidance.

Kolena is transforming Educational Services, Educational Content Development, Distribution and Professional Services to ignite creativity at scale as we aim to elevate the importance of the Arts as a discipline and, equally, the need for engagement and expression in all disciplines. Arts and creativity as a whole have gained considerable attention as a way to heal, build confidence, and improve innovation and problem-solving skills, to name a few. Contributing to the field of education in this way makes a lasting impact in the lives of people and in society as a whole.

Who Are We


Our Passion

"The only thing an adult can give a child is time."  Chuck Jones  

We all have a gift; we all have a passion - it's just about discovering and expressing them to the benefit of all.  At Kolena, we believe in developing seven key skills:

  • Motivation = Spark
  • Creative Thinking
  • Curiosity
  • Discovery
  • Discipline
  • Expression
  • Problem Solving

Creativity at its best

Our Focus

Science tells us that “creativity" works like a muscle that needs exercise to get and stay creative. The stronger the muscle, the better it performs.  Our focus is on programs and tools that enhance everyone’s innate “creativity”.


  • Preschoolers
  • K-12
  • Special Needs
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate
  • Career Transition
  • Seniors


Life-Long Learning Cycle

“What we have concluded,” wrote George Land, “is that non-creative behavior is learned.” 


Land’s research to test the creativity of children produced alarming results.  The studies showed a dramatic decrease in creativity test scores from 98% at age five to 30% at age ten to only 12% by age fifteen.  To make matters worse, adults tested at only 2% 

Our life-long learning cycle approach at Kolena is designed to disrupt this downward spiral and capitalize on the creativity we are born with throughout our entire life span.  

Our educational services seeks to inspire continuous creativity through discovery, experimentation, challenge, expression, and imagination. We are dedicated to the premise that creativity is the key to success in every facet of life and to the fulfillment of our vision.

What We Do


Our Programs

At Kolena, we are passionate about helping students and educators of all ages utilize the power of technology to inspire learning!  We've developed content along with our partners to allow you to experience.

Our Partnerships

At Kolena, we chose to partner with Industry, Community, Government and Education to create and deliver programs that will foster creativity for generations to come. We believe open exchange with partners creates trusted relationships to the benefit of all. 

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Our Story


Creative Excitement

We believe education is key but unfortunately our traditional education systems have evolved in such a way that leaves little room for divergent thinking.

At Kolena, we all have a passion for learning and making a difference; a passion to see creativity as the common fabric of our decision making process each and every day. Kolena is positioned to disrupt education for the lifelong learner across industry. As we focus on this, our additional commitment is to make those transitions in our lives transparent.


Our research shows creativity programs allow our brain to stave off disease, explore new and exciting solutions, and maintain a healthier life overall. 


Kolena is busy developing life-long learning content in the marketplace, from preschoolers to seniors and in education and business.  By forging valuable private, commercial, government and social community partnerships, we will build the top world-wide vehicle for delivery. 


Please join us in this quest to be advocates for change in education.

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